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Monday, June 11, 2007

Nose and Ears and Eyes, oh my!

Sunday morning Dylan woke up with his eyes 'glued shut' - and goopey, and... well, I won't gross you out. But it wasn't pretty. And he was miserable. And while we didn't know the exact diagnosis, it was clear that he had some nasty infection. Purple eyes, and one VERY fussy and unusually clingy toddler. So we called his pediatrican and got a prescription for some antibiotic eye drops until we could bring him in on Monday.
Enter Monday. I went off to work, leaving Ryan with the fun job of getting Dylan a doctor's appointment and taking the first shift of the day until I could come fly home at lunch to relieve him for his 1/2 day at work. He got a 12:40 appointment and I met my boys there. Another $30 copay.

What do we win? A set of ear infections, ladies and gentlemen!

So now we are $75 down with a sad little boy.
I've wondered over and over where on earth he could have picked up at least the eye infections... but then glanced at our blog here and remembered good 'ol Disneyland. Then Daycare. Then Make and Take. All in the past week. So there you have it. GERMS!

Want some?

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That's no fun - and , no thank you, we'll stay away from those germs! 4 kids and 5 years and not one ear infection, though we did have a goopy eye problem due to a blocked tear duct with Catherine when she was 2. I'm so thankful that all my kids have been so healthy!


Ahhh...the joys of daycare germs.


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