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Saturday, May 26, 2007

6 years ago today...

We have a tradition that we watch our wedding video each anniversary. That day would be TODAY. It seems almost unreal that it has been 6 years since Ryan and I were married. And tonight (like last year) we celebrated by going out for a nice dinner with just the two of us (only happens about once a year now, it seems) at Ruth's Chris. What a treat! I couldn't bring myself to initiate going out for such an extravagant dinner, so Ryan made the reservations for us. (good man, good man!)

Our friend Kathy stayed home with Dylan while we went out. It was a very productive evening for them, as they reportedly went out for a bike-ride (see picture) and ate a nice big dinner (good job Kathy!)
The two of them had so much fun, that she insisted that we go back out after we got home from dinner. So we changed our clothes, put on some walking shoes, and went out for a long walk, just the two of us. When we got home, we paused before coming inside, peeking in through the window at our friend and little boy snuggled on the couch, reading books and putting stickers on each other's foreheads. We stood outside there like flies on a wall, watching them for a few minutes, commenting to one another about how cute they were and how we were so thankful for our dear friend to love our son so much.

And later on, Dylan being in good form, decided he wanted to play dress-up with mommy's jewelry, which was quite the show.
(note the sticker on the forehead, bracelets on the ears for earrings, and necklace on his head as a headpiece!)

He was quite proud of himself.

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Happy Anniversary!
Dylan and I had a lot of fun together.
I think you should plan on going out a little more often.
Dylan and I are are already making play dates. :)
The dressing up in mommy's jewelry was cute. I like the necklace for the headpiece, but I think a tiara will be in order next time around.
Love you!


Happy day-after your anniversary! I agree - you've got a good man there, making fancy dinner reservations. I think we celebrated our anniversary last year by cooking ourselves dinner - in my parents kitchen! I think we deserve a night out this year! =)


Happy Anniversary! Our 6-year is coming up plans yet...last year we went to Vail, CO for my brother's wedding!


Too cute! Love the bracelets for earrings. Like I said today, never knew Kathy was such a softie.


FloralPep: Don't let that softie thing get around. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.
But, this little boy. I don't know. He totally has me wrapped around his finger. :)


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