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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Love Thursday: Milk Martini

If you remember way back when, when we were trying to wean Dylan from the bottle... yeah, well maybe we haven't totally kicked the habit here. As far as bottles go, we are still down to one-a-day. Like a vitamin.
Just before bedtime (and brushing his teeth, never you fear all you future dentists out there), Dylan snuggles in between us in our bed with his baby-martini of sorts: his bottle. For a while we had decided this was important to make sure that Dylan got enough calories (because he doesn't eat much most days and, as parents, we worry). Now it is such a special time for us as we unwind from the day and signal that it is nearing time for Dylan to go to bed. If something is amiss in the routine, Dylan is sure to point it out, patting at the pillow next to him and saying "ma-ma" or "daa-dee" for us to come join him on our respective sides of our bed as he glugs down his milk-martini.
And I know our pediatrician would frown on this practice, but frankly I don't care. It's not hurting anyone and he's not a fat kid by any means who should be curbing their whole-milk intake. And I know that in due time this little babyhood ritual will come to an end. So for now, I'm hanging onto my little baby boy a little longer because I'm quite certain that he won't be going off to college with his "bah-bah" (bottle).

Note: The other day Dylan ratted me out as I was gathering him up from daycare. He was overtired and fussy and a bit weepy, and through his tears out stumbled his request for his beloved "bah-bah" (obviously he was tired). One of the daycare caregivers was standing there and overheard. She asked in an obvious trying-to-not-sound-surprised tone, "Does he still get bottles at home?" Uhhh. Yeah. But let me explain. We are still working on this, it's only once a day now, and... and it's milk, not whiskey.

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Cherry takes three bottles a day. She refuses to drink her milk in a cup. Water and juice are in the cup, milk is in the bottle. I don't see any reason to worry about it. She's still a baby.


Aw, I love it. I wouldn't worry about it, especially since he's not an overeater in the first place. Happy LT!


My goodness - he's not even two! I wouldn't be apologetic about it at all. Babies grow up way too fast as it is. Keep on enjoying every bit of it...because he will be going off to college (without his bottle) before you know it.


As long as it's not a pomegranate martini, why worry??
Excuse me. I'll be back. I suddenly got thirsty. :)


Honestly, I think I was four when I finally kicked the bottle habit (milk, that is!). That was many years ago when sippy cups hadn't been invented, but for someone not yet two, I wouldn't worry. Don't let any judgmental pediatricians or daycare personnel rattle you too much.


Cherish every special moment. Time just flies by, before you know it, he'll have outgrown it.
Happy LT.


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