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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love Thursday: A boy and his kitty

These two are close.

At first I thought Thaddeus (our kitty who is more like a doggie) was watching Dylan eat his lunch. But then I noticed that Dylan was sharing his lunch with Kitty.

The love of a boy and his Kitty:

They cuddle.
They wrestle.
They even play with frozen veggies at lunchtime.

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What a special bond your two babies have!


Thad: "Dude. What are those things. I dont' think you should eat them."

Dylan: "Good thinking."


Oh man, that is so cute! I really do think that cats are the best animals ever.
Happy Love Thursday!


That's a big cat!

LA Toddler has more of a Love/Hate with our cat. There's rarely much sharing. The cat hides a lot. It's not pretty.


Awww, this is so cute! How sweet that they're buds.

Happy LT.


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Ok, I am having internet trouble, but I hope this posts.
Love the picture of the two "boys".
Spinach or carrots for Thad when I feed him in a week? ;)


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