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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Make and Take

This past year Dylan and I have belonged to a very special playgroup.**
Ours is called "Make and Take." It works like this: each mommy takes a turn hosting the group and purchasing the food. We pile the kiddos into the living room to play, take turns either corralling the kiddos and preparing the selected menu in the kitchen, and everyone goes home with dinner at the end of the afternoon. It's a win/win situation for all!

This past Friday was our turn. We made Bruschetta Chicken Bake with my special Chocolate Chip Cookies.
(pictured from left to right: Jake, Sarah, Adal, Rowan, and Dylan)

Dylan enjoyed sharing his toys with his friends.
And he gave his girlfriends lots of hugs (Sarah in first picture on the glider and Rowan here on the couch). What a stud-muffin!

** My friend Kathy lovingly refers to my Friday afternoons as "shake and bake" which truthfully makes my mouth water for fried chicken for some strange reason. But being that I'm on this new low-fat diet per Dr. McFavorite's advice, it's out of the question. So it seems we'll have to stick with the original group name.




That Dylan already has a way with the ladies, doesn't he? He has me wrapped around his finger anyway. :)

I like calling your Friday's, "Shake and Bake" night. I guess because I think of fried chicken too. And while my Okie grandma would be appalled to know I like "Shake and Bake" chicken..I have to admit ... I LIKE IT! But, the real thing she made was better.

One last comment/question:

Does Dr. McFavorite know about the Nutter Butters and Oreos? Just asking. :)


Ew. Shake n' Bake. A drug reference from a college days!

Which, naturally, also makes me crave fried chicken. And tacos. And some Doritos. And maybe some pizza.

Gotta run. I got the munchies!


It looks like Dylan is sharing some secrets with Rowan there in the last picture. Or they're plotting their next move. Such cuties. I miss the days of us hanging out together with the moms group here in St Louis, but I'm so very glad you have found such a great group there!


Um, what do you mean girlfriends plural? you mean he has eyes for more than just Rowan! Yeah so Rowan was making eyes at Jake but she really has her heart set on Dylan. Sarah better watch out.

I love "make and take" or "shake & bake" or "eat all the cookies and leave Briana's house a mess days" or whatever you call our great Friday afternoons.


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