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Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm home again today from work. I tried to go in this morning and barely made it inside the door before rushing to the bathroom and then to my boss's office to tell him I'd be out for the day, AGAIN.
It's the 5th time I've had a stomach flu or whatever in 4 months and frankly I'm beyond annoyed. Ryan has looked at the calendar for a pattern of some kind and interestingly enough most of the times have fallen around the 19-21st of each month. Wonder what that means.
Regardless, I'm tired of this and I just want my old tummy back. I promise to behave, do my chores, and be nice to everyone. Just let me feel better again.




Oh ugh! I am so so soooo sorry for you and your poor tummy!

I hope it's just a quick bout this time, and that you're back to your happy-self soon!


Umm, if it's nearly the exact same thing AGAIN, it's not a flu. They did bloodwork that other time, right? And the stool sample. And they have no evidence of any bugs (bacteria) causing this?

Do you have any other actions/events that form a monthly pattern that could be contributing to this? A particular place you visit, food you eat, stress you feel more heavily this same time each month? Could this be an allergy or a stress reaction?

I'd keep at it with doctors until they find something. But make sure they're considering things other than infection (maybe some sort of scan of your stomach would be in order?).


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