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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Guess who can use the potty?

(And I'm not talking about Ryan or I here... thank you very much!)

Yeah, that's right, little D-man has christened the potty chair today. His first official poopy on the toilet, followed by an arching pee across the room (I SO need to get that shield put on the seat so that doesn't keep happening to him).
Anyhow, we were going upstairs for his nap and I totally figured his sudden interest in us going in the bathroom was due to him trying to stall. I was going to change his diaper before his nap anyhow, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to let the little dude sit on the toilet for a minute or two. No big deal really.

When he announced "ahh nah" which is how he says all done, I encouraged him to sit for just one more minute (to work on his tolerance for the potty each time we try). He sits there. Sits there. Then PLOP PLOP PLOP he went.
Yes, Dylan can use the potty!

Now I wasn't prepared with any specific prizes or anything for him yet, but we did place a fun little phone call to daddy at work while he still sat up on the potty. A toilet call to daddy. Very fun stuff.

And then I finally let him flush the toilet all by himself (because despite all his interest in the potty, we've made him wait to flush the big potty until he actually USED the potty). Now THAT was a fun moment for him.

Now don't go away just yet because there's more. Seriously there is.
Ok, so then after his nap, he woke up with a dry diaper (surprises all around for us here) and so I whisked him over to the potty and after a bit of deliberation and a little reluctance, he peed again. Go Dylan!

THEN tonight just before bedtime I thought I'd offer the potty again just in case he wanted to give it one last go around...
He wanted to and to our delight actually pooped again. This time daddy got to see it and we all celebrated and Dylan got a hershey kisses for a treat. Big moment. He's totally psyched about that now. Now all I need is a bag of hersheys or other treat that I can use. Any suggestions? I hear M&Ms work good.

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Yay Dylan! We tried chocolate chips tonight and they were messy and melty. I don't recommend that.

Congrats on the double-doody day!


Wow, congrats little one! You won't be hearing about any potty using from Cherry for months, I'm sure. She's still really wary of the potty for some reason.


We do mini marshmallows around her for treats.

You won my Golden Keyboard Award this week. Email me and I'll give you the code to put on your blog

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Oh my goodness! I am really envious! My son has zero interest in using the potty for what it's supposed to be used for. None whatsoever. *sigh*


Congrats! L.A. Toddler has been pooping in the toilet fine but we're still playing catch-up with the peeing. And another one is one way and we've got to start all over again!


I figure this is the elephant in the room, but isn't it a little icky to give him Hershey's Kisses after pooping? I don't know, just a little too visually disturbing for me.... But congratulations anyway!


M&Ms. Can't beat M&Ms.


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