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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Courtyard

Our little dude is a bundle of energy. So much in fact that I can't even bear to coop him up in the car to drive over to the park some mornings. As such, last week I decided to give the 'ol courtyard in front of our townhome another try and see how much energy Dylan can burn off out there. To my delight it actually worked and he took some nice naps afterwards. Usually we are destined for a long napless afternoon when we don't get out to the park in the mornings, so that was a nice discovery.

Our courtyard just outside our front door. It has a lovely little fountain and some grass and a lots of trees and flowers.

The trees along our patio are all in bloom. Normally I think those trees are too leafy and dark, but right now they are full of blossoms and really pretty.

Dylan loves to run around along the walkway, giggling and chasing after us.

Exploring in the grass.

We ran around, chasing each other. We played peek-a-boo around the trees. We blew bubbles. We ate kumquats off the trees.
He discovered berries on the bushes (and as you can see in the video that we'll post another time, he tries to put them back on the bushes after knocking a few off).

And all this time this little special space for us has been just outside our front door. Go figure.

p.s. The other night as we prayed together before dinner, Dylan held our hands as he usually does... then echoed our amens with a precious little "a-mahn"

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I pray with Cherry before bed, and it's so cute when she repeats the "amen" although, with her, it sounds the same as how she says "all done", which is pretty funny.


wow. where is this gorgeous place?

my daughter is 7.7.04 btw. :)


how beautiful and what good clean fun compared to our recent outdoor adventures in the mud!


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