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Monday, February 19, 2007

sick and tired of...

...being sick and tired.

This morning I awoke with Stomach Flu Part IV. F-O-U-R times in 3 months, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not kidding here. So I called and got myself an appointment this afternoon to see a doctor. Long story short: They don't know what it is. Apparently my digestive tract isn't functioning properly and could possibly be due to any of the following:
1. stress (no duh)
2. acid reflux (not sure if that can cause aches and diarrhea and extreme nausea, but I'm not the doctor here, obviously)
3. bacteria/infection (for which I get the privilege of collecting a very fun three samples of you-know-what to deposit at the lab later this week for further analysis)

I'm just guessing that it being number 3 would be too easy (and therefore won't show up with the tests- that'd be too nice) and so it's probably a combination of factors. Factors which I don't understand. Factors which 10 minutes wasn't enough to sort through and really clarify what she was thinking. And in those 10 minutes of talking to me, this doctor felt quite confident that it is stress and reflux. Oh, and something making my digestive tract all screwy. And to make me more "stressed" was the concept that a doctor who really didn't listen to much of what I was saying, can determine the problem and prescribe me some Pepcid and send me out the door. Now, if she's right, then would acid reflux cause body aches and dizziness and nausea and diarrhea? I really doubt that. And again, I'm not a doctor. But I know what my body feels like.
I'm so frustrated with the healthcare system right now. I could puke. Literally.

p.s. Ryan is THE BEST. I couldn't have gotten through today with Dylan not having daycare due to the holiday and my having to stay home from work. I love you, Ryan.




Well, as a Doctor, I would say you should get a second opinion ;)

But seriously, all your other symptoms COULD be a result of the reflux. Indirectly and directly. But knowing how this all has gone, I bet stress is playing a role and that role will get bigger and bigger until someone helps you to treat it. And of course that comment will probably just add to the stress. Sorry :(


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