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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

fever, rash, and snot galore

Dylan came home from daycare yesterday with a fever (102.3) and a nasty rash across his tummy. He was so sad and obviously feeling crummy. We got him fed, bathed, and then snuggled in for the night. Only problem is that he's not sleeping as well as usual. And because of the fever factor, he couldn't go to daycare today. That means that Ryan had to stay home for the day (trying to get work done during naptime and other random stolen minutes) while I was at work. Then he went to work after I got home for a few hours. It was a long day for all of us.
I just hope Dylan can get some sleep tonight (little cough in background).

Ryan and I are desperately trying to ward off the spread of this virus he's picked up who-knows-where (another little cough heard from down the hallway).
We are washing our hands like crazy and I'm on a near-constant mission to wash all laundry before the germies crawl down the hall and attack us.




Oh my goodness - can you and your family just be healthy, like, all at the same time? =) I hope the little guy is feeling better soon - and that you and your husband avoid the virus.

My two little ones spent the day with my mother, who was also babysitting my nephew, because my sister has the dreaded stomach/intestinal virus.

I'll be sorely disappointed if that bugger finds its way back into our house...


We hope Dylan is feeling better. Ewan is just coming out of a big cold (that he gave to both of us) and it was such a relief to see him wake up happy and not coughing this morning. We hope you get a morning like this soon.


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