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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Found this glorious challenge at Mary's blog today. And I've decided to rise to the challenge.

Reading: Blogs. Lots of them. (current favorites: Owlhaven and The Empty Sky). But I'd love to start reading a real book one of these days again. Any suggestions for something really wonderful?

Music in my head: nothing at the moment.

Drinking: water

Wishing: That I was napping. That I had less anxiety. That we had a house (see previous post).

Considering: A nap while my little one is still napping himself. That or laundry. Hmmm. Tough decision here.

Feeling: Thankful for my little boy (who is being a doll right now and napping peacefully so I can do things like this) and my wonderful, wonderful husband.
Thankful that I'm don't have the stomach flu right now. Oh, and definitely pleased that I can fit into my ever-so-small size 4 pants again. I haven't worn them for a couple years now and I nearly cried last night when I discovered that I could again. Glory behold: I've finally lost that baby-weight (only took me a year and a half! - ok, and the stomach flu... Twice.)

Goals: Enjoy this weekend's getaway with my darling husband in San Diego. Relax and just enjoy eachother. Walk on the beach. Not worry about Dylan the entire time (Just regular mommy-worry. But I'm allowed. It'll be my first nights away from him since he was born).

To Do List: laundry, pack for our trip, make dinner for family, Love Thursday shows tonight (the Office, and Gray's Anatomy - YEAH!)

Hours gloriously spent in bathtub: None yet. But the day is young.

Things Accomplished: stroller strides class this morning at 9am. Lunch with Dylan. Coloring pictures (with Dylan - no, I'm not in Kindergarten). IM Kristie and my MIL. Caught up on emails and new blog posts.
(And it is only 1:00, so no judging me - ok?)

Challenge: Pick at least 3 of the above categories and list your "Snapshot" in the Comments.

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Drinking: Coffee. At 5:20 pm.

Wishing: I was back in St Louis with my family.

Goals: get off this hotel desk chair and get dressed for my dinner interview. Not screw up any names at dinner. Not spill on myself at dinner. Come back in time for Gray's Anatomy (I'm realistic enough to forfeit Office and Earl tonight), put everything aside and enjoy it. Sleep well. Kick butt tomorrow.


I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day (you stumbled across it when you had the stomach flu and were trying to keep your mind off it!) hope you're feeling better!

I just finished reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult which was a good read.

Have fun in San Diego!


Oooh! Enjoy your weekend away! And do a little dance in your size-four pants! Yay!!! I know plenty of women who've never even had babies who would love to be able to squeeze into a size 4 - so enjoy it!

PS - I was bummed The Office was rerun's last night...usually Thursday is favorite TV night too!


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