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Saturday, January 20, 2007

you say TEN?

Ok. So with the second bout of the stomach flu in the past month, I can safely say that my appetite has dwindled to near nothing (nausea really does a number on my appetite). On an ordinary day I'd be glad that I'm not hungry, but after stepping on the scale this afternoon and realizing that I've lost about 10 pounds in the past two months or so, this is ridiculous. I forced myself to eat a little something for lunch after work today. Hopefully it stays down....

Anyhow on a happier note, Dylan has finally gotten some new socks. He was busting out of the old ones. His morning with daddy (while I was at work, trying to see my patients and get home as quickly as possible) consisted of a trip to Target and the store. Ryan reports that Dylan had a meltdown in the grocery store, which I can imagine was NOT pleasant, but I'm glad they got out. And I'm very excited about those new socks. (can you tell that my expectations for good news has shifted?)... and in my own defense, Ryan seemed pretty excited about the new socks too.

Dylan is in love with his blankie now. He always seemed to like a couple of them, but recently (like in the past week or so) he's attached himself to one in particular. He chews on the soft, cushy fabric and snuggles it at bedtime. I figured out that he really liked it this past week when he saw me take it out of his crib to put it in the big-bad-washing-machine. I had to work some distractable mommy skills there to keep him from a full meltdown. "Hey, there's another blankie here. How about a train or your bear? Or how about helping mommy fold some laundry over here?" And, boy oh boy, was he excited when that beloved blankie returned the next day in his crib. I guess this one is a keeper.

Lastly, Dylan got a haircut recently. It is a little shorter than planned, but precious nevertheless. Kinda reminds Daddy of Jim Carrey a bit...

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Oh, Alex has recently become enamored with his "blankie" too - I think it's endearing, like he's my little Linus from Charlie Brown. =)

I'm so sorry that you're (still) feeling sick - I'd say that I'm envious of losing 10 pounds - but I had an evil stomach/intestinal bug just before starting classes and I can safely say that I was so miserable, I wouldn't go through it again to lose 10 pounds myself.

I hope you're feeling better soon!


New socks? Ya gotta love that! ;)


He is so cute! I still have my 'blankie' that my brother gave me the day I was born (confession: not only do I still have it, but I actually still sleep with it and I'm 17 years old!).


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