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Friday, January 19, 2007

flossing? um.

My new years resolution was to floss. Everyday. But with another strike of the stomach flu (or whatever it is this time, I don't know), last night lent to an evening floss-less. That was the least of my concern really. But I'm disappointed in myself on a number of levels. Flossing is just laying on the surface. I'm disappointed that I am not fully "mommyable" to Dylan when he wants to play and I feel like running instead to the bathroom, with waves of nausea lurking around the next corner of my day. Disappointed that I'm not fully there for Ryan and having to lean on him more than he deserves right now, with a full plate of his own with work and Dylan when I'm feeling sick like this. I only hope this is just the flu and I'll be feeling like myself again in a day or so. I hope, I hope.
And so I ask, has anyone gotten the stomach flu TWICE this season? Is that possible?

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Get well soon again. There is a LOT of it about. Jen and then I were sick with a stomach flu-like thing each of the last two weekends and apparently another one of my labmates had it earlier this week too. It just ain't any fun. Keeping everthing crossed the kids don't get it. Lemon-ginger tea was pretty good on our sore stomachs if you need something to warm you through.


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