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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the constant juggle

My dear friend Julie and I were chatting today about the constant juggling act we do as parents in trying to balance work and home and family and things. It was interesting to talk about the perspectives we have as moms who want to have it all. And we know we can't, but still try. It's a constant juggle. Constant.
Last night I sat here online, drooling over affordable housing in different parts of the country that we (obviously) don't live in. Wishing that somehow I could have it all: stay at home with Dylan, own a home, work just as much as I WANT and no more, be able to afford both financially and timewise the little mommy-and-me classes that I know Dylan would so enjoy, etc, etc, etc.

In order to stay at home fulltime (translation: be able to AFFORD me at home fulltime), Ryan would have to be one of those dads who are nearly never around. That is not an option for our family.
In order to afford all the THINGS I want, like a home of our own (as in owning real estate in Southern California where a basic 2-3 bedroom house costs roughly $600,000 in an average area, where we'd still have to send our kids to private school), I'd have to work fulltime... That is not an option for our family.

The bottom line here with us is, that of all my desires, my time with Dylan and Ryan is the most precious of all... and I'm just not willing to give that up.

In the middle of this constant juggle, we've found a place to settle for now... but of course, there are still balls hanging in the air. And eventually we'll find a way to juggle some more. Somehow we always do.

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The constant juggle is just plain crazy. If I quit working at all, then in order to afford a home we would have to move like an hour away. That means that Thom would pretty much never ever see his daughter. Every time I go work I freak but I also love my job. I mostly enjoy working part-time but I hate missing time with Rowan. I would love to figure out a way to have it all.


I feel you - from all the way across the country, I swear we're part of the same juggling routine.

I can't believe the housing prices out there - unbelievable! It's not quite that bad here in New England, but it's still quite difficult, especially if you want to enjoy any family time.

I've spent a lot of time drooling over affordable family homes in other parts of the country too - especially since my husband can transfer virtually anywhere.

But for now, we're here, and I'm trying to focus less on the act of juggling (though it's a constant) and more on the act of just living and enjoying...

And on that note - baby's crying...


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