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Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Getaway

We are enjoying our baby-free weekend getaway down in lovely San Diego. Dylan is at Grandma & Grandpa's house having a blast and we are soaking up the time alone together. We arrived at our lovely hotel this afternoon, walked around exploring the grounds for a bit, then headed over to the spa where we had our couple's massage. Wow. It was great. My muscles feel like J-E-L-L-O. Fabulous.
Then we went out for dinner and enjoyed people-watching the obvious young college freshman doing things that we used to do... about 10 years ago. It was fun. We sat and reminisced about our first date at the nearby Starbucks, memories of late night Jamba Juice runs next door, and my job as a teller at the bank across the street.
Then we drove over to UTC (University Towne Center) Mall across from where we used to live way back when we first were dating, and walked around hand in hand. Then we headed here back to our hotel.
Ok, here's the kicker: I apparently have a UTI. Yeah. I'm basically a typhoid version of my former self. I called my doctor to check and see if my symptoms could wait until next week and she admonished me for not calling earlier today and firmly told me to go to the ER if a fever or chills develop. Yeah, I guess I should have called earlier. But I was convinced that chugging cranberry juice would fix me right up. But then the pinkish urine came along tonight after dinner and so here I sit waiting for Ryan to come back to the hotel from the pharmacy (picking up my prescription so I can nip this bad-boy in the bud sooner than later).
And despite this little glitch, we are very excited to be here. Enjoying each other. Soaking up the tranquility around us. It's so lovely here.
And now I have to pee again.

Update: Ryan just got back from the store with my medicine. And he also brought me back some M&Ms. I'm in love.

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