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Friday, February 16, 2007

74 wpm

For those of you who watch The Office, have you seen the one where Jim is all proud of himself for learning that he can type 65 wpm and tells Pam? And then Pam informs him that she can type 90 wpm? Yeah, well tonight I was either bored or gluttoned for self-punishment and found a little website that calculates your typing speed:
And wanna know what the silly website determined that mine was? 74 words per minute. Not bad considering that I'm sitting in bed with the computer on my lap.

And since I've already referenced one of our favorite Love Thursday shows, I can't avoid the elephant in the room: Grey's Anatomy! Can you believe that ending? Do you think Meredith is really dead? And if so, will the producers/writers of the show actually take into account that she had been without oxygen for some time down there, anoxic and hypothermic? Will she be brain damaged or will she just wake up, yawn, and make some insightful comment about the full circle of things in her life?

And as both Ryan and our friend, Kathy, pointed out tonight: If she dies, will they have to change the name of the show?




At the end of the show, I pronounced that Grey's Anatomy has come dangerously close to Jumping The Shark. It was a bit outlandish when she fell in the water, it was kinda improbable that McDreamy would be able to just jump into the harbor and find her and not die of hypothermia in the process. But what tipped the scales against the show was the end, showing Meredith's "near-death" or even "death" experience. It reminded me of the time on the Drew Carey show when Drew "died." I never really watched that show enough to know what happened, but it was hokey. Grey's Anatomy just became hokey.

If she lives, I'm sure they'll invoke that deus ex machina of "her temperature was so low that her body and brain survived the whole thing." If she dies, they'll have to change it to "Izzy's Anatomy," which could bring in more male viewers...


89 wpm. I must be slacking though - I used to be over 100...maybe I need to trim my nails. Hmmm. =)

Oops, I shouldn't have read anything about Grey's Anatomy, since my husband and I haven't started to watch it yet...though I also heard about who dies on Lost before I saw the first season and I still enjoyed it.


Ok, we all know Meredith isn't going to die. I agree with Rob that they will use the "low temperature saved her brain" defense to justify her remarkable recovery.

But, maybe they could have her die and just show her as a ghost on the show. She and Denny could wander around the hospital playing practical jokes on the other doctors and residents. You know, move the gauze and needles around in the operating room. Maybe make the instruments go haywire for a few minutes.

Of course, they could have her comeback with anoxic encephalopathy. But, she would have to go to rehab. Is America willing to watch Meredith learn how to talk without that pursed lip thing she does? Would they stick around to see her learn how to transfer to a commode? Walk up a step using a quad cane? Learn to put on her socks? ;)

And another thing: Why is every doctor in that hospital hanging around Meredith's room, watching all of this? Isn't there a DISASTER going on in Seattle? Seems like Callie is the only surgeon actually working. :)

But the "jump the shark" moment for me was Izzy putting not one, but TWO burr holes in the head of some poor man trapped under a car. And with a black and decker power tool no less. I'm surprised she didn't break out the power saw and just amputate the guy's whole lower body in order to free him from the wreckage. She could have stopped the blood flow with a Kleenex or two.

As for the name change, I was thinking "Ash Grey's Anatomy." Though I like Briana's "Blueface's Anatomy" the best.

And my wpm is 10. ;)


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