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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Love (Laundry) Thursday

My little helper. He loves to help me load and unload the laundry. (Each time, carefully checking that his beloved blankie isn't in there - if so, he protests).

My favorite part is how serious he is about the loading and unloading job. He has absolutely no clue besides moving stuff back and forth, and he's so diligent, grunting as he works because the clothes are so heavy for him to carry. And every so often I find a stray sock or shirt tossed inappropriately into the trash or back into the dirty/clean clothes.

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You should read "Knuffle Bunny" by Mo Willems to your son. My sons love it because it's about a little girl who leaves her bunny in the washing machine. Cute!


Lovely sequence. I particularly like the middle one, the way he tosses one item aside; it's so sweet.


I love how they instinctually know to grunt at hard work. It's so cute!


What a sweetheart!!

These little moments are so precious, and it's a good thing you'll always have the photographs to remember them by.


Adorable! How do you ever get the blanket clean? Late night washings? :) Happy Love Thursday!


What a sweet sweet post about a wonderful time. Moments to cherish to be sure. Love that third picture of his huge proud smile. What a helper! Thanks for sharing. Happy LT.


Such a adorable Love Thursday! And I have to attest for the cuteness of Knuffle Bunny as well--a must read ;)


He's going to break a few girl's hearts at the laundromat someday. ;)
He is, as always, too cute.


I always make sure that I have my little laundry helper with me when I read your blog. He loves the pictures of another little boy like him.


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