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Sunday, February 11, 2007

not so much of a nap

We went to the Caltech campus today with Ryan before dinner so he could check on some things at lab.

Dylan didn't take much of a nap today (sat in his crib for over an hour though and sang, chatted, and jumped up and down though), so we figured he needed to burn off some steam before bedtime.

He loved running around, checked out the turtles and frogs in the reflecting ponds, and the lighting was beautiful for pictures (of course we took a few - how could we not?)

Dylan really wore himself out, running around and playing with daddy. I love how lush green the grass always is at the Caltech campus... even in February!

And after all that running around, Dylan ate a nice big dinner, took a bath (tried to blow bubbles in the tub water, but still hasn't figured that one out), and read some books with mommy and daddy in their room. And now that he is sleeping (sigh) for the night, Ryan and I are fixing to watch ourselves a movie and enjoy the remainder of our weekend.

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