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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love Thursday - First Date

The place we went on our first date, 8 years ago, in San Diego. Ryan ordered a hot chocolate. I ordered a latte. He said he didn't like coffee and I encouraged him to at least try mine. He fell in love... with both of us. And this time he got the latte and I got the hot chocolate. Funny how things turned out, isn't it?

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Awww, so sweet! A character in one of my stories actually fell in love with coffee when he met his wife also - funny!

Thanks for your music suggestions, by the way. I think our tastes in music are similar - especially for "inspiring" or just relaxing music. I love Sarah Mclachlan and Enya both. I haven't heard Snow Patrol, but I'm curious...I actually looked at the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack (though, I've never seen the show - I know, I know, it's supposed to be good...)


So you roped Ryan in by using an addictive substance, huh? I see how you operate... ;)


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