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Saturday, February 03, 2007

What the heck?

The Babykeeper. It seems like a "good enough idea" but I can just imagine Dylan hanging there, kicking the door (bang bang bang), screaming at me whilst I pee.

Not for us.

But I can only guess that some moms are actually going to try this out. What ever happened to keeping them in the stroller and using the handicapped stall? That's my plan. At least until he's 12. Oh wait, maybe that's a bit too extreme. How about 10 then? (she chuckles to herself)

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Hahahahaha! Oh, that a serious product? =)


You said it best: "What the heck?"

I like the picture of the kid holding the toilet paper though.
Like having your own little TP dispenser wherever you go. ;)


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