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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I can do it myself dammit

We are rounding the developmental corner into the land of the terrible twos...

Dylan has definitely entered the stage where it is insulting to attempt to help him feed himself. And isn't he so graceful with that spoon? (And let me just state for the record that Ryan and I both lean a bit towards the clean-freak side of the fence, so when food gets flung off the side of his highchair, you can just imagine how it makes our skin crawl)!

And one of his favorite games is to unpack my cabinets, tossing my cutting boards and pans into the center of the kitchen floor all around himself. Oh, and don't let me forget to tell you how the smoke detector has gone off (repeatedly now) after Dylan has managed to crank the oven dial over to "clean." We have installed an oven lock and multiple cabinet locks, but the oven dials are still fairly accessible to a highly motivated toddler, I have recently learned. Thankfully none of our dinners have been ruined as a result, but we have had a few close calls.

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If your oven is like mine, you can pop the dials off by just pulling them straight off. Maybe you can keep them in a pretty bowl up on the counter and just re-install them as needed?

Remember how we used to compare every milestone, and you'd be so excited for Dylan to catch up with Katie in 3-4 weeks? I don't envy you for having Dylan beat Katie to this one!


Looks like you'll be needing some of these oven knob covers.]oven knob covers


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