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Friday, February 23, 2007

(and she opens another yogurt)

As of Wednesday night, I've started taking Zantac twice a day to see if that helps with the "acid reflux" problem the doctor determined that I have. So far I've felt better overall, but the mornings and late evenings are hard still. I feel nauseated with tummy cramping. And no, I'm not pregnant.
And I've started eating more yogurt, which apparently can't hurt with all those live "active cultures" in it to perhaps boost my natural immunities within my digestive tract. According to the probiotics school of thought, increasing your intake of healthy bacteria will spur better GI health. I don't know of any specific supplements to take (do any of you take/recommend a specific type or brand?), so I'm sticking to yogurt for now and will see if it helps.
Here's to hoping it does.

p.s. My parents came down to visit us and we had a lovely time. Dylan had fun tumbling and chasing around my mom. And he soaked up the attention of my dad, while building "carrier ships" out of Legos, reading books, and driving around his toy cars. Pictures to follow here soon, I promise.




Ryan could bring some bacteria home from lab... except that that's usually E.coli.

Probably safest to stick with yogurt for any bacteria - you'll also get more calcium in the deal. Not to mention that it's just plain yummy! I tend to go with the "fruit on the bottom" kind (so does Katie).


Are you eating the so called super active cultures yogurt? Like the one Dannon makes: Activa?
I don't know if they are all the same. This one is supposed to help a lot with increasing the good bacteria in your digestive tract over time. It could just be a marketing ploy to charge you more money though. ;)
Any word on the results of your "other samples"?


I hope the yogurt helps and that you start feeling better soon :)


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