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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

nope and nope

Got a call back from the doctor's office today and both of the blood tests they did came back negative. So no h.pylori and my electrolyte panel was normal, I suppose. So that's not the cause of all this feeling like super-doodoo. I still need to wait for the you-know-what results to come back sometime later this week or early next week (by Monday, I hope). Dropping off my samples yesterday was all too uncomfortable, standing at the reception desk of the lab, explaining what I had there in the bag to Mr. Lab-dude. It is irritating to not know what is causing all this nausea and feeling a bit helpless in a solution to the problem. Dylan is still coughing and wheezing and a bit out of sorts himself. We make a joyful pair today. I can see why Ryan might have been half excited to leave and go to work this morning.
Well, wish us luck. May the best toddler/parent win - or maybe take a nap! (My personal vote is to be able to take a shower today, and maybe stay sane. Is that too much to ask?)

P.S. Dylan's top right molar has popped through. Just noticed it last night. And my oh my, are those molars big! Maybe that's to blame for the heightened fussiness and lack of sleep.
So to date: he has four top teeth, three bottoms (the fourth seems to be hiding out indefinitely), two top 1st year molars, and the left bottom 1st year molar. All in all, 10 teeth!

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A shower maybe...but a shower and sanity? Now you're just being greedy... =)


Oh, I just commented on your previous post. But hopefully you get some sort of results from the poop test soon!

I know this sounds stupid because I'm not the one experiencing all the symptoms, but I'd really really suggest taking steps to relax. Even if it costs money or means asking someone for a big favor of watching Dylan at an inopportune time. Just take 1 hour to not worry (and I mean AT ALL) each day and maybe you could lessen whatever's going on in your GI tract. Sleep and relaxation just seem to be considered expendible these days, and they're NOT.

Get better soon!


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