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Friday, March 16, 2007


For those of you who have expressed some jealousy for how quickly it seemed that Dylan was taking to the potty training, I have one word: DON'T.
Why you ask? Because I fear that I've created a monster over here. He's obsessed with flushing the toilet. Our plan was to reserve the rights of flushing just to those who actually used the potty. This plan was foiled at about 1:30 today.
I was trying to keep Dylan distracted so he could sit just a wee bit longer on the potty (and thereby buying me more time with hopes that something would come out of his little body as he happened to be sitting there)... so we read books and talked about the jelly beans that he can have when he makes a poopy on the potty. All of a sudden, his little hand slips behind his shoulder ever so casually and FLUSH. Moments later he does it again. I think he flushed the toilet 10 times in 5 minutes of sitting. FLUSH. FLUSH. FLUSH.
And he knows he is supposed to wait until mommy says he can flush it, but he wants to so badly!

And to update you all (because I know the world is just dying to know the potty trend in our household), he hasn't gone in the potty today. And yesterday he only peed once total. Maybe Wednesday was just a fluke day. I don't know. But I can't just ignore it now.


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Oh no, a little Flushing-Monster! =) At least he's not flushing things down the toilet!

I finally had success with my son on Thursday - after about half an hour of sitting, reading, waiting - I gave up, then he ran back to the potty and started demanding treats. I explained (over and over) "no treat until you pee-pee" - he just grew more and more adament, until finally he wriggled free and pointed to the cabinet where he knew the treats were (yes, we have chocolate chips in our bathroom cabinet at the moment) - anyway, when he stood up, I saw that he had been successful. =)

Nothing since then though, not even interested. *sigh*


(I'll put this in a way you'll recognize)

At least he's not scared of the flush, like a (flush!) lot of kids are scared of the bathtub drain, right? Yeah, I know that's not much (flush!!) consolation. I've been trying for the last day or so to think of (flush!!) a way to effectively hide/cover the handle to sug-(flush!)-gest. The only thing I can think of that's not a huge hassle is to tape a big piece of cardboard to (flush!) the seat lid when it's down so when it's up it'll be wide enough to block his access to the handle. Then just drop the lid and flush? (Flush!? Flush! Flush!)

Ok, done with that.

But then he can't see the flush, which is a big part of the fun, right? Maybe just get a big piece of cardboard and slide/lean it between the lid and the toilet back so it blocks the handle until he goes. Then pull it out and voila! Dunno.


The prospect of potty training makes me break out in hives.

Good luck. With pooping and flushing and all.


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