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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day Two

1. This cat is driving me nuts. Ryan is liable to come home to a cat-less household tonight if Thaddeus doesn't leave me alone!
2. Yes, I'm still nauseated, but it is getting better. I haven't had to take another Zofran yet today (anti-nausea medicine) and I'm actually debating putting some food in my mouth later on if all goes well.
3. I feel like such a slug with all this laying around, but each time I get up to walk to the bathroom I feel dizzy and nauseated again... which brings me back to bed. I feel awful for not being able to go to work again today, but seeing patients when I feel lousy isn't fair to them either. And this morning at 6:45am while I layed here debating that very thing, another wave of nausea hit and my mind was made up. So here I am. Day #2.
4. Ryan is my hero. (did I mention before that we both also have headcolds - and he has graciously taken on more than his fair share of the parenting while I'm sick?)
5. The internet (while it can be helpful in some instances) is a vessel for my worry. Ovarian cysts, diabetes, colon cancer? What ever could this be? I think I need a new distraction for my nausea.
6. This cat is driving me nuts.
7. Ryan thinks that Dylan said "i love you" while waving goodbye to me from the car as they drove off this morning for daycare and work. It brought tears to my eyes.
8. I need a haircut. Oh, and a shower. (maybe I should start with the shower and move up from there, you think?)
9. One of these days I will finish this book sitting next to me on my nightstand. It is a good book in principle, but I'm struggling to really get into it. Actually, it is pretty emotionally draining. I don't want to feel any more drained right now than I already feel.
10. Dylan hasn't used the potty since Friday afternoon.
11. The cat is asleep again. I think maybe I'll join him.
12. Nevermind, the phone is ringing...

I finally got a nap.
Dylan ate a huge dinner tonight. He's getting a new tooth coming in (right upper molar), so I'm impressed with how well he ate.
Oh, and Dylan used the potty again tonight after his bath - with a little pee pee success. He got a jelly bean and shouted "yea" and clapped with me when I got excited for him. It was a good night for us over here - (I'm still zofran free, and only a little bit nauseated). Thanks for the prayers.

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Ugh. Feel better. I hope you find out what it is soon.

LA Mommy has really been bothered by nausea. Pregnancy related, but if she's bothered then so am I. At least she finally found a medication she could take and it's going away.

Get well.


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