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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ana's Daddy

Last night I got a call from my friend Ana's dad down in San Diego, who just-so-happens to be a famous gastroenterologist. We talked at length about my symptoms and I'd like to point out that he was the most kind, gentle, and thoughtful MD I've ever talked to (and working at the hospital, I've spoken to my fair share of these guys).
He reassured me that if this keeps happening, we'll figure out what it is.
And while he isn't certain what is going on with my gut, he encouraged me that it was GOOD news that he couldn't. Because if he could, then it probably was something more serious and damaging (i.e. colon cancer or pancreatitis).
The plan is to wait and see (which makes me nervous - because a future episode is likely to spring on me without notice and I DON'T LIKE THAT)... but the plan also includes going down to San Diego to see him personally when/if it happens again.
Today I woke up nauseated again. But one Zofran later and 6 hours of silent prayers to just feel better somehow, I'm doing better this afternoon. I even ate some lunch with Dylan this afternoon. I think he ate more than I did, but it's a start. Right?




You poor thing.


No notice? I thought this was occuring with a frequency of once a month, roughly the same time each month?

Glad to hear you're in good professional hands now, though. Next time you'll figure it out and hopefully end it!


Waiting is not good. Not knowing is not good.

You haven't been eating any of this poisoned cat food, have you?

Hey, you never know until you ask! Feel mucho better soon.


praying with you...


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