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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dreaming a little dream

Ever wonder what our dreams really mean?
I mean, I wake up nearly every morning and try to figure out what my dream from the night before meant. Often the dreams are similarly themed: past choices, fears of the future and loss of loved ones, work...
But should I spend every morning pondering the meaning of what seems to be my mind sorting through it's deeper thoughts whilst I slumber each night?
Some people don't remember their dreams. Take Ryan. He wakes up each morning seemingly rested, not worrying about the jumbled storylines from the night before. I, on the other hand, toss and turn each morning, with rising worry. Why is this?
I prefer to wake up and not remember my dreams. On those days, I pretend that my mind had succeeded at sorting through all those subliminal worries and put them to rest, without bothering me in the process.
Those mornings are rare and treasured for me, like getting money back on your taxes.




Now this a very intersting subject. I was just telling Jen on Thursday that I had a dream about work. And you were in it.
Let me tell you about it and maybe you can figure out what it means.

I was in the old rehab unit working with a pt. The pt. in the dream was someone I have worked with in the past. A very nice man with a pretty severe aphasia.
Anyway, I took him out of the hospital for lunch in a mall. Then, when we were getting ready to come back, I couldn't find the car. I was getting worried because I knew I was going to get into trouble if I didn't get back to the hospital.

We were wandering aimlessly around this parking garage and suddenly ran into you.

You said, "I'll take him (the pt.) with me and I'll go get the car."
Then you left me there, by myself and never came back.

Hmmmm. Now that I have written this out, I know exactly what it means. :)


I heard a dream expert talking once about tools to interpret dreams. He said to step back from the dream and really describe the details as if you're talking to someone that has never heard of anything, like an alien from another planet. It helps you focus on what things represent to you. So as you're describing the dream, have someone interrupt you constantly with things like "what's a hospital" or "what is work?" or whatever.

Dunno, sometimes it helps and sometimes you're really just dreaming about meatloaf.


I've been thinking about this...obviously why you got the thinking blogger award...and although I don't think there's anything wrong with pondering, it's the "tossing and turning" and the "rising worry" that makes me think that is not from God. He doesn't want us to worry or be anxious. Today's troubles are enough. (Matthew:6 / Luke:12)


I remember my dreams a lot. And recently I had a major breakthrough with one of my "recurring characters," a girl I had a huge crush on in high school, but who was representing my PhD. The dream settings changed, but my interactions with her in the dream were always about me wanting something that I wasn't good enough for (she had turned me down in high school in real life). Strangely, once I got my PhD, those dreams almost completely ceased. THAT'S when I figured it out.

I wouldn't dwell too much on the dreams though, or your mind might start "remembering" them as if they were reality, then you'll start having dreams based on dreams, and who knows where that leads? I think I've actually had that happen a couple times, too. Just remember that dreams are not real and so if they cause anxiety, let them go. If it's really bad, write them down or talk them out with someone who's open to discussion, in the way Julie described.

Just my suggestions.



I remember mine about 30% of the time but I've really given up trying to interpret my dreams. They just never make any sense at all.

Did you have very weird, vivid dreams while you were pregnant? I did. It was like going to the bizarro movies every night, with me as the star.


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