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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love Thursday: Long Walks

When we first moved back to California, we promised eachother that we'd try to enjoy the weather here, getting outside as a family as often as possible. As such, for about two months now we've incorporated an evening walk into our schedule. The crisp evening air, cooling from an earlier warm afternoon, the sun setting over the mountains - it is a special time for our family.

Usually we set out just after dinner, at 6:30 and walk until the sun just sets at 7:30pm. Over the past few weeks our walks have developed into an actual route which takes us past our favorite houses in the neighborhood. My favorite house is a tudor style home with a swing hanging from the tree and bright colored flowers lining the edges of the perfectly manicured yard. The family that lives there appears to be about 5 years older than we are, and we often talk about our future as we pass by, making special note in my mind of that moment each time.

I look forward to this time together as a family all day long.

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Our family just moved out of the LA area this summer. One of the things my husband and I miss most are the walks we would take each day, pushing the stroller through the neighborhood as the gorgeous evening sun hit the mountains. Your post brings that all back.


What a wonderful tradition! I love having a favorite house to pass on a familiar walk :)


That is a really nice thing to do together as a family, it gets everyone up and moving, out in the fresh air, all together. Great job!


You'll be there before you know it, promise!


We have a favorite route, too, but we're certainly not as regular. We've got a few cool houses we love because they have tons of roses - and they are blooming like crazy right now. Very cool.


I read this blog a few days ago and said, neat, I should do that too... but today, a few days later, still haven't done it! My husband thinks walking around the neighborhood is boring! Sigh! :(


Oh, I'm so envious! Not only is the weather (and our neighborhood) here not conducive to evening strolls, but my husband feigns illness at the first mention of taking a walk with me (or as a family) - he loathes it, much to my disappointment.



We have 3 acres to run around on, so walks are rare, but I do enjoy an occasional family trek up the gravel road to the creek and watching the sunset over the corn fields on the way home.


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