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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Evening Strolls

Reaching for his snacks, just after mommy takes them away (because he gets his snacks when he goes into his stroller later on - keeping him busy for a while).
Declaring that he doesn't want to go any further without his snacks in hand.
And getting really upset about it. (Note: he got over it pretty quickly once we got moving along. Gotta love the distractability of a 22 month old!)

And here's a new video of what the beginning of our walks are like: Dylan asking about where the moon is (getting VERY excited about it in the process of looking around for it), stopping to view the ants at nearly every crack in the sidewalk along the way (he just didn't do it here for some reason - probably because he was overly focused on the moon that night), helping us push the stroller, and holding daddy's hand across the street (he's gotten used to doing this at every intersection, which is nice).

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Hey, I like those pants. And, that shirt...really nice! :)

He is too cute when he is looking for the moon. He's going to be an astronaut someday.


He is so cute....MOON MOON MOON lol


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