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Saturday, May 19, 2007

monkey see, monkey do

Sitting in his highchair, Dylan waves his finger in the air back and forth at daddy, saying "no no no" with a fickle smile.

We exchange a knowing look: The mimicking has begun. We must really start to be careful what we say and do around him (not like we didn't before, but it didn't seem AS pressing before now).

He copies my dance moves in the car, our expressions, and crosses his legs and leans up against the car just like daddy while waiting for mommy. He pushes his foot in my way while I paint my toenails, indicating that he wants his painted like mommy's.

And yesterday he started singing. The tune? The gymboree Clean-Up song, but his words are "bee-bup, bee-bup" - which just cracked us up when we realized that of all the songs we sing together, he picked up this one to sing first (goes to show what neat-freaks his parents truly are!)

What's next, I ask.

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Hopefully it won't be his first "swear-word" yelled in frustration! (I think I'll leave this comment anonymous)


I heard Dylan singing last night and I think he could very well be the next Frank Sinatra.
Frank Sinatra was a famous singer back in...
Maybe he's gonna be the next John Meyer.
Justin Timberlake?
Eminem? I know he likes Eminem. :)


Alright. I guess that would be "Mayer" not "Meyer". I am so unhip. But, at least I'm brave enough to sign my name. :)


Oh my goodness, this is such a fun stage - mimicking. Terrifying at the same time too though.

I give my husband little, we'll call them, "love slaps" every now and then - it's done with affection, but to a preschooler, it probably just looks like I'm dope smacking him. Which contradicts all of our "no hitting" that we've been teaching him.

And, of course, it has resulted in him smacking my husband in the face.

Time to stop that, I guess.


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