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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bicycling Toddler-Style

Ryan put together Dylan's Christmas present from my parents over the weekend (yeah, we put that off for a while, but in our defense, Dylan hadn't been ready for a bike just yet until now). After he awoke from his Sunday nap, we brought him downstairs to discover his very own "bike" - which was an immediate hit. We've enjoyed cueing him around the corners of our courtyard, redirecting him back to actual riding the bike versus focusing on the ants in the cracks of the sidewalk, and of course the taking of lots and lots of video/pictures. We've watched this little one over and over, laughing to ourselves each time we get to the part where he does a random little dance (around 40 seconds into the video) after he stops to tell Daddy about the ants, yet again.



That was soooo funny and cute all at the same time. The smallest things in life are such a big deal to them. I see an ant...let's forget about how excited I am to have this brand new bike...


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