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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Planting We Will Go

Kathy and I went to the Huntington Gardens' Members Only Plant Sale. It was an ordeal just to find parking (20 minutes of circling around, with me reassuring her that "I have a hunch that we'll find one soon" each lap around the lot). But once we got there, WOW, what a massive amount of rare and exotic plants. It was fun and I had really no plans to buy anything. But as it goes, I found a couple I couldn't resist getting.

A Hoya Carnosa 'Krimson Princess' that apparently was a hot item (as everyone and their brother came up to us, woefully exclaiming that we must have gotten the last one).
I love the varigated, thick leaves. And for what I expected to be a finiky plant, so far she has done well in the spot I've picked for her new home.
(*Not sure if plants are boys or girls, but I'll just give them a female gender for good measure - being that I'm currently the only girl in the house. Even the cat is a boy!)
And the most exquisite and unique blue and white Lace Cap Hydrangea.
Then we came home, bringing Ryan a cold soda as a peace offering before we trodded off to Target and OSH for planting supplies...

I'm pretty excited about my new plants and think they'll like their new home on our porch.

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