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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Toddler Trauma

On Sunday we went down to Anaheim to visit our friend who is staying down there for a conference.

We had a lovely lunch and dinner out together. And Julie and I had lots of time to catch up on things while Dylan and Ryan enjoyed the pool at her hotel for a couple hours (*story to follow).

Plus we had a lot of excitement...
For starters, after Dylan's nearly 2 hour play event in the pool and spa (while Julie and I held baby Addie and chatted), we returned to Julie's room to change for dinner. When Dylan peeled off his diaper, we discovered what Julie accurately called a gigantic "poo-splosion" (OH.MY.GOODNESS.) that had clearly occured much, much earlier, turning into a disintegrated dripping mess all over her bathroom when he pulled off his diaper! Ryan and Dylan took a shower and cleaned up. I called housekeeping and did damage control so Julie wouldn't gag for the next couple days. Thankfully this all happened with Julie, a fellow understanding mom and dear friend, who helped us see the humor in it all and laugh our way through!

We then decided to head out for a change in scenery (and smell) for dinner, so we headed out to our car in the hotel parking garage. Julie and Dylan ran ahead, giggling and playing (p.s. Dylan ADORED her!)...
and next thing we knew, Dylan had stuck his head through the railing and got his little head STUCK!
He panicked.
He cried.
Ryan pulled.
Dylan cried some more.
And FINALLY his head came lose.
Poor Dylan. He was traumatized, shaking, and scared.

And after dinner, walking back to the car, Julie and I commented that Dylan had one rough day and was being very good considering all that he'd been through on top of no nap... when suddenly (probably because he was so tired) he fell down outside the restaurant and skinned his knees.
More tears.

There was no shortage of excitement to our visit. There never is when we get together....

It was like not a day had passed since our last visit two years ago. And despite all the boo-boos, it truly was a great visit!

The day ended. We dropped Julie back off at her hotel, exchanged sorrowful hugs, and headed back home.
Dylan was asleep before we got to the freeway.

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I had such a great time with you guys!! Poor Dylan. That was pretty much his Worst Day Ever, I'd imagine. He really did recover quickly from each mess, just can't believe what a series it ended up being!


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