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Monday, June 29, 2009


For the past nine months or so, our family has been blessed with a special young lady in our lives. When I went back to work after having Addison, we decided that we wanted to have her home at least for her first year, if possible. But who could we trust our baby girl with?!?

Enter Bonnie.

She's smart.
She's fun.
She does our laundry and unloads the dishwasher.
She starts dinner for us so we can eat as a family when we all get home.

She loves our kids.
And our kids love her.

She brings me Addie at lunchtime so I can nurse and see my baby halfway through the work day.
She sends us text messages and pictures during the day of Addie.

Here's another one of Kathy and I at lunch with Addie at work - a very special time, which was possible for these past months only because Bonnie was able to bring her to see me on my lunch break.

I'm so thankful for that time.

And now our time with Bonnie on a regular basis is ending.
Addie is starting daycare in another week.
I know Addie has benefitted from the past year with Bonnie on so many levels. She's had one-on-one attention and naps in her own bed.

When I think of the transition from one to two children, I can't imagine it without Bonnie in our lives. Her positive energy and encouragement when I got discouraged, meant so much, especially after a long day of work and missing my kids.
I never worry when my children are with her and I've been blessed to have that peace of mind when I'm at work.

Addie is very sad.

Dylan is very sad.

We are ALL very sad.

What are we going to do without our Bonnie?

Thankfully, it's not really goodbye beyond her being a regular part of our routine.
She's not moving away.
We aren't going anywhere.
Bonnie will still be a part of our lives.
And certainly Ryan and I need a date night once in a while, right? ;)

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Oh what a hard transition! She sounds special...what a blessing for you.


You make me cry. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives.


What a sweet's amazing how fast time goes by and the little ones can go to preschool...Bonnie looks like a lovely girl.


That sounds too good to be true! What a blessing it must be to have Bonnie. Yes, a date night will surely be needed every once in a while


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