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Friday, June 05, 2009

You see a bear?

Dylan talked on the phone today with his cousins, Andrew and Dominick. Andrew is just 3 months older than Dylan and their conversation cracked me up. Dylan's comments seemed to be on repeat, because the conversation was circular like the skit 'Who's on First':

Dylan: "We are besiding if we are going to come to Candyhouse's house or not. We may come and we may not. But we are besiding right now."


Dylan: "Ohhh! You see a bear?"


Dylan: "No. I mean, Do you see a bear now there at Candyhouse's house? Do you see it?"
(I have NO IDEA what he was talking about).


Dylan: "We are besiding right now if we are coming to see you up there. We might and we might not. We are besiding if we will."


All the while, I'm certain Andrew was confused with who this 'Candyhouse' lady is that Dylan kept referring to and what 'besiding' really meant. Poor Andrew. Dylan's new word is 'besiding' despite our correcting him that it is DEciding. And he calls my mom 'Candyhouse Nandma' whereas Andrew calls her Grandma. Too funny.

And during this conversation Ryan and I were searching for flights for the kids and I to visit my parents up in Oregon later on in August. We eventually got some and the trip is set. I'm excited about spending some time up there with the kids again this year. I hear that August is a beautiful time of year up on the lake.

I think that Dylan was pretty confused with our talking about flights and such, because he refused to take off his shoes later this evening, saying he wanted to keep them on for the plane trip to Oregon. And he got his backpack all emptied out so he could start packing up snacks for him and Addie. It took a long explanation with the calendar to convince him to finally take off his shoes before dinner tonight. Poor kid.

Kids. Gotta love them.

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