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Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the Buff

Kathy posted something over on her blog with some pretty cute pictures of the kids on there. Go check it out here. I think the second to last picture is probably my favorite one. It just cracks me up!

And while Kathy has lost her hair, she certainly has not lost her great sense of humor and wit. I think the way she has handled Dylan's curiosity has been neat to watch.

In fact, something interesting is that the one time (on Easter Sunday) that he saw her with her wig on, he didn't even notice a difference between hair and no hair to comment on it. It's a testimony that he sees Kathy as KATHY and not her hair or what she wears or whatever.

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It was interesting after weeks of seeing me wearing hats, he made no comment when I came over wearing the 'alternative hair'.

And, he didn't say a thing when he saw me later in the day wearing the hat again.

I love that little boy.

But, I do wonder if he'll notice the fake eyebrows and eyelashes...


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