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Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Little Girl

Our little girl is growing up fast. Too fast.
Today she waved goodbye to her daddy after we meeting up for lunch. Last week she tried to climb the stairs (made it up 2 of them, with mama and Bonnie close behind).

She still loves the kitty cat. She makes a high-pitched squealing sound whenever she sees him.
She's been trying to say 'dylan' for days now. It's funny. She concentrates so hard, and all that comes out over and over is 'ddddtt' but you can tell that's what she is trying to say.
And man alive, this girl loves to eat. Give her any kind of vegetable (green beans, carrots, corn, peas, broccoli) and she'll gobble it up and want more. She loves vanilla yogurt, cheese, malt-o-meal, bananas, pasta, and pretty much anything else she can steal from your plate.
She squeals with delight when her brother clowns around, trying to make her laugh, or when she's tickled by her daddy.
She loves hair brushes, doorstops, and did I mention food?
And that smile? It can melt your heart in an instant.
She's a happy baby.

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