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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our Holidays at a Glance

Dylan and Addie enjoyed the holidays this year.
They met Santa at the Americana Mall, which was pretty impressive.

We spent two days at Disneyland with Ryan's family, complete with the Pixar Parade that knocked Dylan's socks off!

Then we went down to San Diego up through Christmas Day.
Dylan had fun waking everyone up on Christmas morning, opening presents, and giving Addie a present he made and wrapped by himself:

On the day after Christmas, we headed up to Lompoc to spend a week up at Briana's sister's house, where Dylan soaked up some time with his cousins and Addie popped out her second tooth.

Here's some footage of the cousins helping bring the presents into the livingroom for opening:

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Great videos!
Dylan looks soooo happy to see "Lightening MeQueen". ;)
I loved the Christmas package being driven into the wall!
Was that your Dad commenting about "The Three Stooges"?


When were you in Poc? We were out there for Christmas too! We saw Ben's dad in Bakersfield and then went to my parents. Prior to that we stayed at Jennifer Milne's in Vegas!


Oh man we were all there! Bummer! I love all the videos! :)


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