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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Promises to a toddler gone wrong

Kathy watched the kids so Ryan and I could go out on a date last Wednesday night. We had fun, but apparently Dylan got the wrong idea about the evening. Kathy writes it better than I can, so I'll send you here to see the play-by-play of how it went.
Plus there is a precious little video at the end with Addie chatting it up with the camera. So if reading a funny story about Dylan doesn't lure you over to her blog, then I'll tempt you with the promise of a cute video of Addie.

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Read your facebook status...hope everyone's okay!

Your story reminds me of an "oops" on our part...Connor asked where the mommy went on Fidning Nemo and Charlie told him she died, which meant she went away forever and Nemo couldn't see her anymore. So when Charlie left on a trip to Wyoming and Connor asked where he was, I said he went away for awhile...inducing a three hour meltdown about "daddy die! No see him more!" Eesh. Not the best parenting moment on our part, just to put your movie meltdown in perspective! At least you didn't scar your kid mentally like I did!


No, Dylan wasn't scarred.
The babysitter...well, that's another story. ;)


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