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Monday, October 06, 2008

Addie's Clothesline

This past week's wardrobe...

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I LOVE it!
I like every one of these outfits. I'm having trouble figuring out why you always have her in the green outfir when you have all these cool clothes!
I love the kitty outfit (wonder why?).
And, the red beret and red tennis shoes make that particular ensemble that much more adorable.
And, I really like the yellow colors on her!
We could use a little commentary, but other than that, well done fashion post!


Oh my goodness - I don't even think I have so many put together looks!

I have to agree with godfreysmama too - love her in yellow. =)


she is soooooo adoreable!!! ;OP


Aw she is to cute! Girls are so fun! I LOVE girly clothes!!


OK. I know Facebook is fun.
I know Facebook is addicting.
I know.
But, you are neglecting your blog.
No new post since Oct 6??
This is a blog for your children.
A written account of your life, their childhood.
What is Facebook?
A place where you tell people what you are doing at that particular moment.
Mundane things things
like...eating peanuts.
I know there is more to it than that.
But your blog is so much more.
And, those of us who have kicked the Facebook habit, still need a blog fix once in awhile.
So, get busy!


She is so crazy cute in all her outfits!!!


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