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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekend at Nama's

This past weekend we went down to San Diego to see Ryan's grandparents in town from Florida.
While we were there, we took Dylan to the zoo, as promised when he was 'potty trained'. Now I need to preface this and say he's not COMPLETELY potty trained, but Ryan and I are. We know when he needs to go and he's been wearing underwear pretty solidly for a few weeks. We promised he could go to the zoo with his 'Football Nandma' when he could wear underwear all day.
Dylan helping his grandma and great-grandma read the map at the zoo.
Ryan's grandma and grandpa.
Dylan as 'Aqua Boy' - spending record amounts of time in the pool, until his fingers were red, pruney, and raw from the concrete!
Swimming with daddy.
Ryan with his hair a bit grown out... I'm voting for him to keep it longer from now on.

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I like the grown out hair on Ryan too!
My hubby started shaving his head 3 years ago and won't go back to hair. Why do they do this to us?


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