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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oregon Day 1

We got to Florence, OR yesterday and had fun today playing on the lake.
Dylan's grandma and grandpa have a trampoline raft anchored out in the cove of the lake they live on, and Dylan and I (Ryan) swam out to it. Dylan had fun jumping till he had no energy, and I had fun watching him.

Dylan and I took the paddle boat out, then came back and picked up mommy for another ride. By this time Dylan actually was so tired he almost fell asleep in the boat.

Meanwhile, Addison enjoyed the cool breeze off the lake all day.

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Okay, can I just say...I am super jealous. That LOOKS AMAZING. Plus I have always wanted, my whole life, to go on one of those floating trampolines...wait until I show Nolan. Okay, have a great trip. The pics are awesome. Addie looks so cute and BIG in that hat.



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