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Saturday, August 23, 2008


My friend Kathy and I took the kids to "Color Me Mine" and worked on a few fun projects together with Dylan.

Dylan made this airplane, which turned out really neat. See the progression in photos here. We also worked on a few other Christmas presents, which we get to pick up tomorrow.
I was impressed with how long Dylan lasted, painting and being patient while I finished projects like one I did of Addie's footprints on a tile. He lasted for 2-3 hours each time we went. It really helped that Kathy was there to redirect him when he got bored or restless. And of course it helped that Addie slept nearly the entire time!

Afterwards, we went to eat lunch and get some ice cream, which was the perfect treat for tired artists.
Dylan wanted to play with his new airplane, but we quickly determined that a 3 year old probably shouldn't be playing with a ceramic airplane. So I promised if he agreed to put his new special airplane on the shelf, I'd get him another airplane he could play with.

After scouring the stores of South Pasadena on Thursday, I finally found one. He loves it.
In fact, Dylan loves his little die-cast stealth fighter plane so much that Ryan decided another fun project would be to make a model airplane together.
I'll post some pictures of that when they finish it up tomorrow.

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