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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Update: 2 Months

Addie had her 2 month checkup and shots today. First the stats:
Weight 8#, 6oz (5th percentile)
Height 22.25" (50th percentile)
Head circumference 37cm (5th percentile)

What does that all mean? Well, her weight is on the low end, especially since she's moving down from the curve she was following in previous visits.
The pediatrician suggested supplementing a little and see how that goes. We have a scale thankfully here at home, so we can monitor her progress and make adjustments as needed. The usual trend is to see about a 1/2 to a full ounce of weight gain a day for her age. So I'm going to shoot for that, if possible.

And the doctor mentioned slight concern for Addie's high tone, which she described as at the upper end of normal. So we need to keep an eye on that in the next few months. As an OT, of course now my radar is on high alert. Not good for the 'ol anxiety, to be honest. But I'm going to try to trust Ryan's gut instinct that she's fine, just on the 'high end of NORMAL' like he keeps reminding me.

Also, the doc took a quick peek at Dylan's scar on his nose and said it looks like it's healing nicely. So maybe that vitamin E did some good, eh?

We've been getting a few more smiles each day now from little Addie. I think we've seen a handful of them by now and Ryan and I still beam like we just won the lottery when we catch one. She's a sweetie, for certain.
But after those shots, I doubt we'll be getting too many more of those smiles tonight... Poor bug.

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