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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bento Box

Have you heard of a Bento Box? Well, I got one to try out with Dylan's lunches.
He heard me talking about 'bento boxes' with some friends and decided that his toy bin was a 'bento box' and has been practically living in that thing this past week!
Playful little boy, in his Bento Box.
Tonight I made his first round of treats for his box to take to preschool tomorrow. I figure if nothing else, I can try to fancy-up his meals and get him to try new things. This time I did carrots, salami and cheese in star shapes, butterfly crackers, and spinach-cheese pinwheels. I'm pretending that he'll actually try the spinach. A mom can hope, can't she?

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YEAH!! I love that lunch. It looks awesome.


Bentos are so cute. Have you seen this blog?


Oh, sorry, and this one (posted by Paige--it's her friend's site)


Hey - lunch looks great, I've seen the bento box before, but haven't gotten it yet - I'm inspired. I'll check out Julie's website too!

Cheers, loved all the pictures today!



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