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Friday, October 03, 2008

What does Dylan think about the election??

So, Kathy (who else??) got us these, and Dylan had some fun. What does the 3 year old think about the candidates? He seemed to like Obama ok,...
...but not enough to spare him.
McCain? Looks like an endorsement, but he actually ate some of him yet couldn't stomach finishing him. He's still in a plastic bag in the fridge (morbid?).
Palin? It doesn't look promising for her...
Then this. There's soo much symbolism here. What does this mean??!!
It can't be good based on how he finished up with her.

Biden? Based on the above, he should consider himself lucky we didn't have a cookie for him!




Oh, Dylan, that's the way I feel after too much election, too.


me too Dylan. It all makes me feel sick to my tummy.


Very clever post!
But, you ask what it all means when Dillie scratched out Palin's eyes.
It means she can no longer see Russia from her house. ;)


I'm with you in the last pic Dylan. Tired of the back and forth? I hear ya.


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