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Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

Last weekend we went to a halloween birthday party for Rowan (3) and Lila (1). There were about 90 people there and we had a lot of fun! Even Ariel came (hired by Ana and Thom for their daughters... what a treat!)

Thom, Anamara, and the birthday girls all dressed up as mermaids. Thom made a pretty good King Tritan!

Dylan (dalmation puppy) brought his girlfriend, Rowan, some daisies for her birthday.

I went as a bunny. I searched high and low all over town for a pink grass hula skirt to complete my ensemble. But there were none to be found. Next year I'm going as 'hula bunny' - so watch out world!

Ryan went as 'Joe Sixpack' which was just hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing on our way to the party in the car. Dylan just thought Ryan was going as a 'hairy man' with the mullet wig, which cracked me up.

Keira and Jacob were just too cute for words.

And here is Addie's nanny, Bonnie. She's from Alaska. Went as Sarah Palin with her husband as her 'moose'.

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