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Sunday, October 26, 2008

unsolicited advice

Today after church we went to Target for a few things.
While Ryan went to another part of the store, I took the kids towards the checkout area...
Granted the kids were tired and fussy and Addie was crying.
One woman came up to me and commented how sweet a baby's cry is and how I should enjoy even these moments cause they are gone before you know it, sharing that her 'baby' is now 18 and asking for gas money. It was encouraging and I plodded along with Dylan helping me push the cart and negotiate around the clothing racks enroute to the checkout area.
Then another woman approached us. She came up quickly and asked in a panic if everything was ok with my baby. Asked if I was SURE the baby was ok and told me she was 'very concerned with her crying' as if I was a 12 year old who had no clue what I was doing with a crying baby in a store. It's not like Addie had been crying for 30 minutes. It had been about 5 minutes and she was just tired.
I tried to be polite to that second woman, but my patience was clearly running low. I finally told her through clenched teeth that yes, my baby was fine. And when she pushed me on the issue, I nearly lost my cool. Nearly. But I was in Target and my baby was tired, and I was tired, and I really didn't have time to deal with that silly woman.
What is it with people and unsolicited advice? UGH!

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I agree...what is it with people and giving advice? Here is what someone told me one time: Just choose to take the advice or throw it out the 'window'. I am sure you are a wonderful mommy :)


I know how that goes it can be frustrating!! I know u are an amazing mommy! :) Just say thanks and go with it when that happens!


My unsolicited advise?
Don't listen to unsolicited advise.
You are a great mommy.


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