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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Potato Babies

Ryan and I have long called those babies that sit quietly in church, at a restaurant, in the car... potato babies. When Dylan was little, we used to envy our friends with all their 'potato babies' and wonder what we were doing wrong to have such a fussy baby that just never really seemed content. We didn't go out to eat for about 6 months because we invariably had to walk out with a screaming baby. And when we went anywhere in the car we heard crying the entire time without a break. Don't even get me started about that car trip we did out in DC...

Dylan has always been high maintenance. And that's ok. It really is. But we were a little scared (to be honest) this time around, knowing what we may be in for... with two kids.

But now we have a potato of our own. And we love it.

As long as she has a clean diaper and is fed and not gassy, she's perfectly content to just be held. She coos and babbles at us and smiles.

Our very own potato baby!

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She's sooooo adorable! I now know why Kathy constantly talks about "her girl". :)


Congrats on a potato baby! Wow! I haven't had one of those yet. . .


After reading this post, I'm thinking I should call her "my little french fry"!


She is so sweet! Nice to have happy , content babies! I got lucky and all 4 of mine were.


Can I get a potato baby for #2, even if it's a boy? :)


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