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Friday, November 07, 2008

4 Months

Addie had her 4 month checkup yesterday. Let's forget that I forgot about the appointment until my phone alarm reminded me AT the time of the appointment. Oopsy.

Anyways, here are her latest measurements:
weight 12# (10th percentile)
height 24.5 inches (50th percentile)
head circumference 40cm (20th percentile)

The doctor said that she looks great and that her weight, while it could be a bit higher, isn't a concern since she's holding steady on her curve. (and for the grandmas out there, I'm still going to work on fattening her up.)

She had 4 vaccinations, which came in the form of 3 shots and an oral rotavirus vaccine. She was a superstar. Dylan held her hand (since I was alone and I couldn't really distract him during her shots anyhow) and told her to be brave. They were fabulous. Made me proud to be their mama.

We need to start giving her polyvisol, a vitamin supplement that they recommend for all 4 month olds, so we'll get that.

Dylan also had a little impromptu checkup because he was getting his flu mist and he has had a pesky cough for about 2 months now. Doctor said he's fine, no infection or bronchitis. Agreed with me that Dylan should drink whole milk since he's still pretty lean for his height. And she thought that a mulivitamin for Dylan would be a good idea too when I asked about that.

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Pretty sure that's the same liquid vitamin we were told to put Simone on. It's made by Enfamil. Glad she's growing up as she's suppose to and everything is well.


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